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you cruel cruel person... and im guessing FB doesnt have a "delete someone elses facebook account" button... so i guess you cant

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Q: How do you delete your child's Facebook account?
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How do you delete your facebook account if you cannot open it?

you cannot delete a facebook account

How do you delete your restaurant city account on Facebook?

You can't delete the Restaurant City account by itself. If you want it deleted, you have to delete your Facebook account too.

Why did Connie Talbot delete her facebook account?

She didn't delete her Facebook account, it is still there, but there are different spellings

How can you delete your facebook account using Gmail account?

No, you can't delete Facebook using Gmail. To delete Facebook, you have to go on their website. Gmail just is an interface.

How do you completely delete your hot or not account?

completely delete a facebook account

How do you delete bite me account on Facebook?

hi how can i delete the game bite me on facebook??

How do you delete a Facebook?

You cannot delete a Facebook account, but Facebook lets you deactivate your account. Go to "Account", then click on "Deactivate". Deactivating an account means that your account will no longer be active, but Facebook will not delete it either. You can return to your account by signing in as usual, and confirming an e-mail sent by Facebook. If you want to completely delete your account from Facebook you can do this by emailing them and requesting that your deactivated account be perminantly deleted. Please note they will only do this if you request the action and not just when you deactivate your account.

How do you delete my facebook account?

To delete your facebook account go to Account Settings then go to Security Click the last option "Deactivate your account" Fill the required data, confirm and your facebook account will get deleted.

When you delete your Facebook account does your name say deleted?

When you delete your Facebook account, no one can see it unless you login to it again.

Can you delete my facebook profile?

YOU can delete your own profile, by selecting "Account Settings", "Delete Account" and confirming it.

How do you delete your Zoosk account on Facebook?

You can delete the app or what ever it is.

How can you delete your account in Restaurant City?

You can't delete your account on Restaurant City. It is linked to your Facebook account.