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YOU can delete your own profile, by selecting "Account Settings", "Delete Account" and confirming it.

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Q: Can you delete my facebook profile?
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How do you delete profile of someone in news feed of Facebook?

How do you delete profile of someone in news feed of face book?

How can I delete my friend from Facebook Pet Society. I don't want her to see my pet's house in Facebook Pet Society.?

You have to delete her on your Facebook Profile

Is there an option to delete all posts on your Facebook profile?

you can't as far as I know; you have to delete them by hand

How do you delete your profile from Facebook?

You can deactivate your account: settings>account>decativate

How do you delete your profile picture album on facebook?

You just simply can't.

After you've added someone as a neighbor to your farm in Farmville can you delete them from your friends list on your Facebook profile?

yes you can delete them from your facebook profile they will automatically be deleted as your neighbor but they still get counted in getting the ribbons.

How can you delete your name from Facebook?

click on your profile, then click 'edit profile', then at the bottom click 'deactivate account'.

Ok create a profile on Lauren Levanduski?

Did Lauren delete her "facebook" website?

Why can't profile pictures on Facebook be deleted?

because they don't have a delete button

How do you delete your profile off Facebook?

As far as my knowledge you can only deactivate your account.

How do you deactivate from Facebook?

go to account info and you wii have the optin to delete your profile

How do you recover a deleted facebook profile?

You can't. When you delete it it's gone forever

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