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Unless your gauge is already 00 you shouldn't try it. When I had my ears gauged, I couldn't put in any flared gauges unless I was already stretched above the size of the jewelry I was putting in, but my ears seem to be harder to gauge than most. You might use Triple antibiotic ointment to make it a bit easier to slip in, or gauge up just a bit by raping your usual 00 tapers or crescents with (I know this sounds weird, but this is what Ive heard) bondage tape to slowly increase the size until the flared gauges are easier to put in.

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Q: How do you put in 00 double flared gauges?
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Will 00 gauges shrink after a day of leaving them out?

All gauges will shrink if they are not completely healed. If you take them out before they are healed and leave them out for long enough, they will close completly. They may shrink a bit if they are relatively new, but you should always save your used tapers in case that does happen. Be sure to never skip a size in gauges, or it could heal the wrong way and close up faster. If the 00 gauges are fairly old, a single day couldn't do much harm, as long as you put plugs or tapers back in to keep them from shrinking more.

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What is a recommended size to stretch your ears?

it depends on what you like. but the average and/or normal size for gauges is a 0 or 00. a 0 is about the size of the eraser on a pencil. a 00 is a bit smaller than a dime.

What size is bigger 0 or 00?

A zero is bigger than a double zero. Double zero is the smallest size you can get, rather than 00 slim.

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Should you get gauges will the holes close on a 0?

0 ~ 00 are the points of no return. Once you have reached these gauges that's it the piercing will not close, however it will shrink down if the jewellery is removed but it will never be the way it was before stretching. Surgical intervention is needed to repair the damage.

Will ear gauges ever close?

Ear gauges can indeed close. I have head several stories about peoples' ear gauges closing over time, some even being near size 00. Ear gauges can close over time if you don't wear a plug or tunnel in it. If the gauge is small, it will take less time for it to close, unlike BIG gauges - which could take around 2 months. One secret is to rub hemerroid cream on your ears about twice a day first your ears will swell but later when your lobes go back to normal the holes will be smaller. However, if your ears were gauged above a 00, they will never close entirely without surgery, which currently runs about $800 an ear.

Can 00 gauges shrink back to a standard earring size?

Typically, no. You'd probably be able to go down to around 4ga-6ga. But everyone is different

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