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As of what I know, you edit your pictures first, where you put the frames, before uploading them on facebook.

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Q: How do you put frames around your picture on Facebook?
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all you have to do is click on it and put a different picture on, or start over. :) hope i helped!

Where can you find a picture of anything?

For me i go to either google images or yahoo images. But be sure it's ok to use and put where you got it and remember to put that you own nothing.

What is the Standard placement of a picture?

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You right click and then click on 'save picture as' then you save it... then you upload the picture on facebook..., welcome.... from Nana Babexz <3 <3

How you can edit your photo on Facebook?

on facebook, you can only edit the size or angle of the picture or crop it. what i do is use picnik.(: its an awesome website. and its easy to use. you can take out pimples, whiten your teeth, turn your picture black and white, put frames in and paste stickers all over! your welcome(:

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no you do not have to only if you want to

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A default picture is a picture that is there before you put your own picture. On Facebook this is the blank guy where you only see is shoulders and head.

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you put the chip on the computer download it to the computer then put it on facebook bygo to change profile picture then your done p.s i made this up!

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why you cannot upload a picture to Facebook !! u can put it into your computer then click upload picture on Facebook then browse then choose it then you will get it on Facebook

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When you insert the picture, there should be a format button. Go to that and then you should see the frames and things you can put on it.

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By adding the Myspace picture to your computer, and then uploading the picture from your computer to Facebook.

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