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all you have to do is click on it and put a different picture on, or start over. :) hope i helped!

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Q: How do you cut a picture on pic collage?
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Where can a collage picture frame be purchased online?

A collage picture frame can be made and purchased online. Some of the websites which can offer collage picture frames are: fotor, pizap, slideshare, arttoframes etc.

How do you make it look like you took a picture with a celebrity?

Take a pic . Then crop a pic of a celebrity and paste it on your pic

What is a photo collage?

Photo collage is the work to combine a lots of photos into a whole new one. Of course you can create and add some customized features such as frame and text to make your collage much more special. The best way to do collage is to do it on Mac as there are so many powerful photography applications on App store.

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pic, pick

How do you get a profile picture on Facebook?

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What is a pic of the holocaust?

i imagine it means a picture.

how do you change you account pic?

Click on a pic that is yours or you are tagged in and click make profile picture

What is collage making?

a collage is when you take lots of materials and rip them up into pieces and make a picture from them!

How do you make a collage on balanced diet?

Hi, I have paste a picture of a collage. One can take help from this..

Do pict and pic mean the same thing?

In computer terminology, a pict and pic both are short for picture. However, pic is a more widely accepted abbreviation. If outside of computer terminology, a Pict is an older tribe in England and a pic is text slang for picture.

How do you use collage in a sentence?

Isn't that collage beautiful. A collage is a group of pictures put together to form one big picture or poster.

How do you upload a picture on zwinky?

u haf 2 take a pic den upload it on 1 uv ur accountz on myspce or something an cut it an paste it on zwinky