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take a photo of it and send it to LEGO/coolcreations to the Lego address

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2011-09-13 06:01:29
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Q: How do you publish your LEGO kit in the LEGO magazine?
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How do you send a photo to Lego club to get in the magazine?

how do you send a photo to lego club to get in the magazine.

On my LEGO network how do you get bio codes?

LEGO newsletter and the Lego magazine.

First international business news magazine to publish an India edition?

The first international business magazine to publish an India edition is forbes magazine.

Does the Lego store sell a Lego castle kit?

Yes the Lego store does in fact sale a Lego Castle kit. You will have to visit their store or go online to their website.

Do you need a permit to publish a magazine?


What is the code of LEGO club magazine?

The club code is: MAGAWARD .

How to get LEGO club magazine module on my LEGO network?

You have to be a Lego club member in order to get Lego club magazine module on my Lego network. you do this by either getting the actual magazine or going to Lego club and typing in MAGAWARD. then make the badge, befriend Max, and trade on his page. Lego Network Username: Nathan6342

Where can you find LEGO insructions?

You can find them with a Lego kit sometimes

Where can someone buy a LEGO car kit?

A Lego car kit can be bought at almost any Lego dealer or toy store. Good places to check are Toys-R-Us and Walmart to see if they have the Lego car kit you are looking for.

When do you get your LEGO magazine?

there is 1 Lego magazine for every 2 months, its for example, December to January and February to march

How do you get a LEGO club magazine on my LEGO network?

You subsrice to club lego using your acount.

When was the first LEGO helicopter kit released?

The first Lego helicopter kit was released back in 1973. This kit included a Red Cross helicopter. However in 1973 Lego mini figures had not yet been introduced so there were none in this kit.

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