Where can someone buy a LEGO car kit?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A LEGO car kit can be bought at almost any Lego dealer or toy store. Good places to check are Toys-R-Us and Walmart to see if they have the Lego car kit you are looking for.

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Q: Where can someone buy a LEGO car kit?
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You can buy LEGO Master Builder Academy Kit 1 (Space Designer) on the LEGO Shop website ( or at a LEGO Brand Store.

What is a car kit?

a kit car is a car which you buy parts of it and then assemble it.

Where to buy Lego Batman?

toys r us and target-kit a b

How would you make a Lego skate park for Tech Decks?

You can buy a Lego skate park set and build it from a kit

What is the newest Lego motorcycle model?

As of today, the newest Lego motorcycle model kit you can get is from Amazon itself. This is the Lego: Indiana Jones Motorcycle chase. If you don't want to buy from Amazon, you can buy this at Zellers.

Where do you buy smart car kits?

this is the site where i buy my smart car kit! in my opinion, it is a good place for you to buy bluetooth car kit. they are cheap and good. and the delivery time is very short.

Where can someone purchase a car bluetooth kit?

A bluetooth car kit can be purchased from Best Buy, Future Shop, The Source, Office Depot, Office Works, Target, Sears, Walmart, Staples, Amazon and KMart.

Does the Lego store sell a Lego castle kit?

Yes the Lego store does in fact sale a Lego Castle kit. You will have to visit their store or go online to their website.

Where are the minikits in Lego Star Wars?

everywhere. if you want to find them it would be smart to buy the mini kit detector

Do you get instructions if you buy a kit car?

Of course you do. If they don't have instructions then don't buy it.

Where can you find LEGO insructions?

You can find them with a Lego kit sometimes

Where could a person buy a Thomas the Tank Engine LEGO kit?

There are many companies and websites that offer Thomas the Tank Engine LEGO kits. Some of these websites that offer the LEGO kits are Amazon and eBay.