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You man up and drink

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Q: How do you not get drunk fast but still drinking at a party but not sipping?
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Can you pass a urine test for alcohol 24 hours after you stop drinking?

It depends on the AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL in your bloodstream (how much you had) It's possible to still be drunk the morning AFTER your party.

Can you pass a drug test for alcohol the day after drinking?

no because you will still be drunk

Does drinking affect a person abilities to produce a baby?

No you are still fertile while drunk.

What is the comparison from drinking and driving deaths and sober driving deaths?

Drunk driving is when you are completely drunk and you are not in your senses and sober driving is when you are almost drunk but you still gain some consciousness in yourself.

When the drinking was 18 years old did you have a lot of drunk drivers?

Yes, there was a lot of teenage drinking and driving in the states that allowed drinking at age 18. Most states however had the age level at 21 and still do.

How do you get over a hang over?

Screwdriver (OJ and Vodka), sleep, water, then more drinking. You can't be hung over if you're still drunk.

If you are drunk but have an accident and the other party was at fault will insurance pay for your car damages?

NO your insurance will not pay because you were drinking and driving which is ILLEGAL. You were at fault. It doesnt matter if you were stopped and the other person hit you you were still driving under the influence. YOU SHOULD GO TO JAIL.

Will drinking alcohol after the flu shot have any side effects?

i was a little drunk when i got one, a few hours later and i feel fine (though still a little drunk lol), so you should be fine

Can lowering the drinking age help under age drinking?

Probrably not in my opinion, But the Government in not so many words are considering making the drinking age 21 because most people go out a lot when there 18 to get drunk. Personaly i think it would make no differance what so ever to lower or rank the drinking age, because at 21 people could still go out to get drunk and cause problems.

Why do people die from drinking alcohol?

Because when they are under the use of alcohol or they are drunk, they tend to still drive or just wondering around, and when you're drunk you won't feel anything, you actually feel like you're floating

How drunk is Ace Frehley?

Drunk enough where he can still play amazingly.

What does it mean if you and a guy both liked each other and then he stopped liking you but you still like him and he still tries to kiss you sometimes but only when he is drunk?

It means bad news. Guys and girls are both famous for the line 'Honey, I only did it because I was drunk'. Talk to him when he has not been drinking and find out what is up and then stay clear when he is.

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