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think of what you want to say. have a brief guideline in your mind. take a deep breath and tell her.

make sure she alone. if she is with Friends she may be pressured into saying 'no' when she might actually like you

run your guideline by some female Friends or family members. get the do's and dont's from people who know the best

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Breathe count to ten and just picture the girl naked.

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There's no way not to be nervous. You'll get butterflies in your stomach, but if you like her just ask her. Trust me it worked for me.

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Q: How do you not being nervous when asking a girl outHelp?
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I am a little nervous in asking a girl out and I'm not sure if she likes me however i definetly know that i like her what should i do?

Okay if you like a girl and you are nervous in asking out a girl just go up to her and ask her on a date or you can just ask her out

How should you act towards you asking out a girl on a date and this being your first date while you're a girl?

* You should ask this person out as you would any other girl. You shouldn't feel nervous about this because if you like this girl then you should be completely fine, and the fact that you may end up being nervous shows that you do somehow in some sort of way like this girl.

How do you go up to a girl and talk to her but you don't talk to her that much and how do you do it without being nervous?

Ummm....maybe start by complimenting her or asking about her it's sorta normal and okay to be nervous just go for it good luck:D

What does it mean when a girl acts weird around you?

she asking you out

How do you know if a boy fancies a girl?

they might act nervous around the girl, not being there usual self, being quieter than normal, wanting to hug the girl alot, contacting them alot by text, facebook, phone etc or the obvious of asking them to spend tme with them just the two of them.

Can being nervous make you not become pregnant?

Being nervous would have no effect on whether a girl gets pregnant or not. If it were the case, then there would many fewer births in the world.

What do you do if a girl laughs at everything you do but does not stare?

Well, it sounds like she is either nervous around others or being social to fit in. Um, what are you asking. Do you want her to stare? If you are interested in the girl, talk to her, ask her out on a date and give her attention instead of focusing the attention on yourself.

How do you stop being nervous around the girl you like?

accept that you like her and accept the effect it has on you

What is the meaning when a girl rubs her fingers when she is being proposed?

It has no meaning. She was probably just nervous.

What is the easyest way of asking a girl out?

By speaking (if you arent really nervous) or a text or email. But I think girls like it better in person

A boy glances at a girl a lot and smiles but when he found out that a girl likes him he gets all cocky and asking her why she is touching her what does he mean?

he likes her back he is all nervous about it and he is also shy!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you ask out a girl if your nervous?

use msn or facebook if you get nervous around the girl