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you use a tape

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Q: How do you measure floor for ceramic tiles?
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What are floor tiles and ceramic tiles?

Floor tiles are tiles made for use on a floor. They can be made of ceramic, terra-cotta, linoleum, vinyl and other materials. Ceramic tiles are a type of tile made from hardened materials (like clay). People put ceramic tiles everywhere - around the bathroom, kitchen, pools, etc.

What does it mean putting ceramic tiles on the floor on a dream book?

tiling new ceramic tiles on a home

What are the differences between ceramic and porcelin floor tiles?

The difference between ceramic and porcelin floor tiles is ceramic tyles are make of ceramic and porcelin tiles are made of porcelin. They both come in various sizes and styles. Ceramic tyles are usually better for floors and porcelin tiles are usually better for walls and showers.

Why floor tiles have some gap at the middle?

Ceramic tiles have a grout "gap" but vinyl tiles shouldn't have a gap.

How thick should a sub floor be when installing ceramic tiles?


How you clean tile adhesive of floor tiles?

If they are ceramic tiles and this is the adhesive used to bond them, instructions will be on the container.

Can ceramic floor tiles crack?

Probably, it depends on how thick the tiles are. But after awhile they will crack from the weight put on it.

Why are there lines between floor tiles?

Ceramic tile I assume? They are grouted together to bond the tiles together and to seal the floor so that dirt does not get between the tile.

What cement should you use to put tile over vinyl floor tiles?

That would depend on whether they are ceramic tiles or more vinyl tiles.

You want to install marble on your kitchen floor how much weight will the floor hold?

as much as ceramic or porcelain tiles

Can you varnish ceramic floor tiles?

No, ceramic is a glazed product. It has no pores and would not allow the varnish to adhere the the surface.

Is it necessary to prime plywood floor before installing ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are normally laid on a cement base. If the floor has any flexibility at all, the tiles will wind up cracking. But if you do have to install tiles on top of wood, then yes, the wood has to be sealed because the grout is mixed with water, which can damage unsealed wood.