How do you make ear piercings not hurt?

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Not possible.

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Q: How do you make ear piercings not hurt?
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How much do piercings hurt?

If you are getting a ear piercing it doesn't hurt at all but other kinds of piercings non your body hurt depending on where you get them!

Does naval piercings hurt more than ear piercings?

It is a tolerable quick pinch but more irritating then a ear lobe piercing.

Does it hurt to have two ear piercings at once?

very painful!!

Do piercings hurt a lot?

Hey, no piercings do not hurt to much I have 12 piercings and not many of them hurt but it really depends on your pain tolerance. I have 6 earings in right ear, 2 in left ear , belly button, nose , tongue and Monroe piercing. The piercing that hurt the most was Tragus which is like the cartledge part of the ear. Well I hoped I helped

Which hurts more ear piercings or belly button?

It really depends on where your getting the ear piercing. Tragus, industrial or uncommon ear piercings hurt more then the belly button. If were talking normal lobe piercings, belly hurts more :)

Does ears pierced hurt at age 11?

All piercings hurt to some extent. It really depends on the persons pain tolerance not really their age. For me, ear piercings are the most quick and painless piercings.

Do ear cartilage piercings make your ear grow bigger?

Ermmm...NO not at all!

How bad does snake bite piercings hurt?

They feel like getting your ear pierced on your lip.

How much do ear piercings hurt?

It doesn't hurt that much. Just feels like a sharp pinch. But it may hurt if you have a high pain tolerence level.

Did Whitney Houston have piercings?

Ear Piercings.

How many piercings does Britney Spears have and where?

Britney Spears has three ear piercings on her right ear, 1-2 ear piercings on her left ear, and one navel piercing.

Do colar bone piercings hurt?

Yes. All piercings hurt

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