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First of all you have to determine if you are deluded. That can be difficult.

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Signs a younger woman may be flirting include sustained eye contact, playful teasing, light touching, and smiling. Pay attention to her body language and how she responds to you, as these cues can indicate her interest. Keep in mind that communication and mutual respect are key when navigating any potential romantic interest.

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Q: How do you know when a younger woman is flirting with you?
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How do you make a Cancerian woman jealous?

By flirting with other people.

Should the older or younger woman extend her hand?

The younger woman

What is the terminology that is used to describe the act of man dallying with woman by talking?

Flirting, flirtation. Flirting, flirtation.

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How do you let a guy know that you want him to ask you out?

that's why flirting is around, mainly flirting will let him know that you like him

How do you know that a guy is flirting with you?

a guy is flirting with you if he is calling you nicknames or making you laugh

How do you stop a woman flirt?

You can ask a woman to stop flirting if she is making you feel uncomfortable - if you are in a school setting or employment setting then you can make a complaint for sexual harassment if she refuses to stop. If it is a partner who is flirting with other men then you ask her to stop and explain that this makes you feel bad. Otherwise you don't stop a woman flirting, that's her choice.

When do you know when Joe Jonas is flirting with you?

You can know because when

If a boy says 'you know i keep dreaming of you' does that mean flirting or like the other person?


How are you able to know when a person likes someone?

Usually when they are flirting, that means that they like the one they are flirting with.

How to know when a guy is flirting with a girl?

you can know by when they are looking in their eye

He hit a woman once when he was younger Will he do it again?

Usually, if a man hit a woman once when he was younger, he will do it again unless he gets help for his problems.If he hit a woman when he was younger, it doesn't necessarily mean that he would do it again.