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well if the person really loves you he will often tell you sweet things , but if he doesn't really love you i think that the person will treat you more as a friend than a girlfriend or wife?

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Q: How do you know if the guy really loves you or he is just used to you?
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How do you know that you were not used and were really loved by a guy who is married and claims that he loves you but can't do anything to prove it as he is married?

You were being used. If he really loved you then why would he be with his wife. Why in the world would you want a man who is cheating on his wife anyways, once a cheater always a cheater. You would be better off moving on and find someone who really loves you and isn't just blowing smoke.

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If i used to have a lot of girlfriend and now im near to a girl how to know that the girl really love me?

She will make you know for sure. Every little thing she does will say that she loves you. The way she looks at you, how she talks to you, even her smile will be different for you. You will be her everything.

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