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He might like u and he wants to be with you and he just doesnt want u to know that he loves or likes u don't worry u will be ok

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Q: Why is my crush mean to me but he used to be nice?
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Why is my crush starting to be mean to me when he used to be nice?

He probably likes you. He just doesn't want to show it.

What does it mean when your crush acts mean to you then act nice?

When your crush acts mean it means that he likes you but he doesn't want to show it.

What do you do when your crush is mean to your best friend?

Tell him ''Be nice or I'm done with you!''

What should you do for a girl?

Be nice to the girls...don't be mean to them,tell her you love her alot if you have a crush on her,tell her nice stuff,do anything she tells you to do

What does it mean when your crush says you're nice?

Sometimes, you shouldn't look past what they say. Most of the time, it has no hidden meaning. When your crush tells you that you're nice, they really mean that you, as a person, are nice. Or, you could look past that, and see if there's a second meaning. He/she may like you.

So my undercover crush told me if he hasn't a gf he would date me What does that actually mean?

If your undercover crush told you that he would date you if he didn't have a girlfriend, he is being nice and letting you know that he is taken but if he wasn't, you are nice enough for him to date.

What 'g' word is used as a noun but can be used as a verb to mean 'crush'?


What does it mean when an ex crush says to you that you are very smart and interesting girl?

His nice way to move on from you yet still has feelings for you.

How do you be nice to a crush?

give her gifts but not to many

If your crush gives you less of attention what does that mean?

If your crush gives you less attention it could mean that he or she does not like you as much as you'd like for him or her to.If your crush is giving you less attention, they may not be crushing as hard as they used to be.

What should you do if you have a crush on a girl at school?

First of all, don't be mean to her, or she won't like you. Be friendly to her and funny and nice. Treat her like a friend.

What does it mean when the guy who is your crush is the only person to complimentsyou on your hair?

It means that either he likes you or he's just being very nice and noticing it.