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You know a girl likes you when:

  • She laughs a lot when you talk to her, even if you aren't being very funny.
  • She makes excuses to touch you, even just for a short second, to have the physical connection.
  • She messes with her hair if she catches you looking at her.
  • Her friends laugh and shove her around or whisper in her ear and joke with her if when you walk by.
  • She will either make direct eye contact with you or will look hurriedly away if you catch eye contact.
  • She will also want to sit by you in your classes
  • You catch her looking at you "wistfully."
  • She turns her head to the side when she looks at you.
  • She walks away in the playground when she sees you.
  • She hides her face when she watches you play sport.
  • She walks around you to find out what you like.
  • She shows interest in whatever you talk about.
  • She smiles at you, when you talk or while she talks.
  • She laughs at your jokes - even if they're not so funny.
  • She hugs you not only to say hello and goodbye.
  • She is kinda mean but jokes around.
  • She acts like you are the biggest idiot in the world.
  • She will look at you a lot.
  • She looks at you while you don't notice.
  • She tries to always get next to you in line.
  • She will always talk to you.
  • As she wants to talk a lot about you and not give it away, she has code names. For example, if your name starts with "S" she would make a girl's name out of yours, like Shakif-Sandy/Sally, etc.
  • She will quickly start conversation with their friends when she spots you (never stay silent) unless her friends are already talking, and then she will stay unnaturally silent, look around at random things, hoping you are looking at her.
  • From a distance, she will try searching you out.
  • She will want to, at one point, start a conversation with you.
  • She will want to keep in touch online with you (so just give her your email address!).
  • She will be super sweet to your mom or dad.
  • If she is shy she will hide behind her friends.
  • If she blushes around you a lot and she finds every excuse to talk to you, even asking for a pencil or something when it would be more convenient to ask someone else and she asks you anyways. If she likes you and you smile at her, she'll either smile back or else look away really fast. If she knows things about you that most people don't, like you schedule at school, she probably likes you.
  • also she might ask you for help on things like homework or with sports (if she does ask say yes!)
  • she will try to be around you as often as possible and will smile A LOT around you and not always know what to say when you are near
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Q: How do you know if a girl likes you?
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