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If a guy look at the girl twice then it means she likes the girl

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Q: How you will come to know that a boy is likes girl?
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Why does boy stalk girl?

Most likely the boy just wants to know more information with the girl that he likes.

How often does a boy generally think about and call the girl he likes?

There is no set number, but you will know if he likes you.

How do you know a girl likes you when she flirts with another boy and you?

She is probably a big flirt...ask her if she likes you..

How can a boy know that a girl likes him?


What if a girl likes a boy what she suspose to do?

tell him that she likes the boy and if the boy disagrees, then try to come back with a funny joke. If he agrees, then just go on and eventually ask you out.

How about a girl likes a boy and the boy knows but the girl doesnt know if he likes her and he smiled and how would he feel about her?

That he wants to be friends or just wants to talk. A smile is a invitation (: -kriss

Why do the girl does not talk to the boy when she know the boy likes her?

Most of the time, its because the girl likes the boy and maybe because they do the 1st grade thing... its when girls dont talk to guys because they are shy

What do do when you ask a girl out and she says she likes a boy and you don't know who?

well you have to be supportive of this girl and wish her luck and if she likes this guy try to be happy for her.

When you boy looks at a girl does it mean he likes her?

No! It just means he looking! Come on people!

How do you know when a boy has mixed feelings for a girl?

does it mean he likes you and he is trying to show it?

How do you know if the person you like likes you back?

Maybe if the boy/girl keeps on looking at you. Or maybe the boy/girl gives you stuff or gives you attention. Or the boy/girl talks to you a lot.

What signs tell you a 5th grade girl likes you?

you can tell by that girl staring at you in class and also if your sneaky send one of your friends to spy on them or just come clean and tell them. YOU CHOSE!P.S how do you know if a boy likes youP.P.S. don't think im a boy because im a girl