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Go tell him that you like him and ask him to a movie or something. If he says no remember there are other fish in the sea!

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โˆ™ 2009-12-08 03:28:29
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Q: How do you know if a fifth grade boy likes you?
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How do you find out if a boy in fifth grade likes you?

just ask him let him know you want to find out

Can sixth grade girls like fifth grade boys?

yes they can i am in sixth grade and i like a boy in fifth grade see my school goes up to sixth grade i am really supposed to be in fifth grade i know my crush likes me and you should feel whatever you want to it is your feelings right

How do you tell if a boy from Utah likes you when your both in fifth grade?

ask him out or use a friend to see if he likes you

How do you get a mean fifth grade boy admit he likes you?

I'm forth grade boy but it happened to me get one of your friends and yourself to play with him but if he says no than your friend can say that she/he thinks the boy likes you

If your in the fifth grade how do you tell if a boy likes you?

He will tease you none stop No the above is NOT TRUE, i am a fifth grade girl, i get teased by me best friend but he doesnt like me! If you want to know, ask him when hes alone, be serious

How do you know if a boy likes you in 2 grade?

if a boy likes you in 2nd grade he stares at you and he said no mean on that and he said yes oops go that boy

This 3rd grade boy likes you but you'm in the fifth grade and he is extremely cute what should I do and I don't have a boyfreiend?

if you like him and he likes you no reason to date, handhold or whatever.

How do you impress a fifth grader boy?

You shouldn't have to impress a boy your in 5th grade. Your young

What should a fourth grade girl say if a fifth grade boy asks her out?

if the girl likes the boy then say yes and if your parents are square dont tell them

How do you get a boy who likes you to ask you out when your in fifth grade?

Flirt,flirt,Flirt i got my first boyfrined in 5th grade and all i had to do was flirt

How do you know if a forth grade boy likes you?

if he stares at u

How do you attract a boy in fifth grade?

you have to be yourself don't be some thing your not look girl I am in sixth grade and it work for me the guy likes me and then he asked me out

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