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Well, the 7th grade girl should have connections with a group close to that 8th grade boy. If not, make him notice you! Do something spectacular, and start flirting with him.

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Q: How can you a seventh grade girl tell if a eighth grade boy likes you?
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If you're friends in eighth grade say a girl likes you should would you believe them and ask the girl out or not?

If your friends in eighth grade say a girl likes you, you should ask her out. What have you got to lose?

Is it normal for a 5th grade girl to like a 6th grade boy?

Oh, yes. In fact, when I was in sixth grade, I had a huge crush on an eighth grader. I'm in seventh now, and my bff has a crush on an eighth grader (who likes her back, we think :D!!!!!!!!!)

How do you get a girl in seventh grade?

if you're her age or around that age then yes i have a sixth grade friend dating an eighth grade girl hello

How can a seventh grade girl ask out an eighth grade guy?

flat out tell him you like him. if he doesnt like you then its ok

Who is the girl vladimir tod likes is eighth grade bites?

Maredith Brookstone

If you are a seventh grade girl and you like an eighth grader would it be weird if you asked him out?

No, if you and he have a connection, go for it!

What are some obvious and or non-obvious signs that an eighth grade girl like you?

If an eight grade girl likes you she will joke around with you, and she will text message you or snapchat you.

How can a seventh grade boy tell if a seventh grade girl likes him?

I'm a girl, and I'm in the 7th grade. What I do is I kind of laugh at everything he says, and always accidently look stupid. And I easily get extreamly jeolous if he is even friends with a girl (who i dont like).

What was the exposition of the seventh grade by Gary soto?

its victor's first day of school and likes a girl teressa walmart

Is it lame for a seventh grade girl to date a sixth grade boy?

no if they like each other my friend likes a 7 year old and she is 11

How can seventh grade boy dance with a seventh grade girl?

take dance lessons

If you're in eighth grade and you like a seventh grade girl what should you do?

Something similar happened at my school. The guy was a year older than the girl and they both liked each other. Then they went out for a little while and they are still going out. So take their advice but make sure she likes you before taking this advice.

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