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whats the situation here? i can help if i know how you think she likes you. so answer your own question in response to mine

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2010-02-18 22:11:21
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Q: How can you a 8th grade boy tell if an 6th grade girl likes you?
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How can you tell if a girl likes you in 6th grade?

lol i rememeber 6th grade dating drama.. well the girl wil have most likely told her friends so keep and eye on them. they'll probably try to tell you if she likes you

What do you do if your in 6th grade and a girl likes you but still has a boyfriend?

get over it. your in the 6th grade for crying our loud.

What to say if a girl likes you in 6th grade?

Toot it and Boot it(;

How can you tell whether a shy girl likes you or is just simply curious about you?

If your in 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade and you think a shy girl likes you, my best guess is that she is especially if your in younger grades.

Would a girl ever tell a guy she likes him?

If She Really Likes Him Yeah She Would Tell Him

How can you tell that a 6th grade boy likes you?

You can tell by if he stares at you a lot whenever he walks by you.

Does Jared brown like boys?

No he likes a girl at Oakbrook in 6th grade.

How do you tell a girl you love her if your in 6Th grade?

dont it will scare her

How do you get a girl jealous with another girl in 6th grade?

Make the guy she likes flirt or ask out another girl.

I are in 6th grade and love a girl who kinda likes you what do you do?

Your question: : "I are in 6th grade and love a girl who kinda likes you what do you do." My answer for each part of this question: "I are in 6th grade" -that is special that you are 6th grade "and love a girl who kinda likes you" -you cant be in love with someone in the 6th grade and I don't think she likes me. I don't think she knows me. "what do you do." -I work at my job. (You should really ask questions better and more understandable. I would recommend taking some grammar classes and going back to the 1st grade to learn it all over again because if you were serious about this question, you would take the time to at least write it correctly.)

How can I a 6th grade girl tell if an 8th grade boy likes me?

i am in the 7th grade and this 9th grader liked me he would always look at me and smile when i see him in the halls,and one day he asked me what grade i was in and how old i was, but basically if he smiles at you or tries to make himself visible 4 you to see him he must likes you ..

How do you tell if a girl likes you in 6th grade?

Well if they go out of there way to talk to you,laugh at things you say or just try to suspiciously friendly its a safe bet they like you.But if you have to ask she probably likes you.

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