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they count the two weeks before you concieved when calculating how far along you are, so really it should be from the first day of your last period to now, that will tell you how far along you are! :)

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2009-11-15 02:26:43
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Q: How do you know how far gone you are in your pregnancy?
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How far gone into the pregnancy are you when you start feeling constipated?

That's usually around the time you see a doctor so he can tell you exactly how far into the pregnancy you are in.

How far gone pregnant are you?

To know how far long you might be you either have to provide us with dates for your menstruation and when you had sex or just simply take a pregnancy test, there are those who show how far along you are, or see a doctor who can tell you.

How far gone in pregnancy are you with a hcg level of 521?

around 4 weeks and a few days

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