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he will give you signs like he might pick you up and scare you. he might hug you or trie to kiss you. hewill get your number some how and call you. that's all the things the boy in fourth grade did to me. and I'm going to be in fifth grade this year. hope this advise helps ya'll. from the Mega Super Pretenn Relasionship Adviser. thank you :]

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2011-09-13 04:56:14
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Q: How do you know a boy likes you in fourth grade?
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How do you know if your in fourth grade and a boy likes you?

well if your in the 4th grade you realy shouldn't be thinking about relationships anyway

How can you tell if a guy likes you if your in the fourth grade?

ask the boy

How can a fourth grade girl kiss a 4th grade boy likes her?

You shoudn't be kissing in the fourth grade. yeah i totally agree!

How do you know when a boy likes you but there both in fourth grade?

He will drop signs sometimes keep an eye on him but not to close or he might think your stalking him

How do you know if a boy likes you in 2 grade?

if a boy likes you in 2nd grade he stares at you and he said no mean on that and he said yes oops go that boy

How do i get a fourth grade boy to like a fourth grade girl?

Ok, first you have to go up to this girl and ask her what she thinks of this boy. If she says she likes him, your work here is done. If she doesn't then ask the boy the same question.

How do you tell if a boy likes a girl in the fourth grade?

most of the time if he just stars at you alot

How do you know if a forth grade boy likes you?

if he stares at u

What should a fourth grade girl say if a fifth grade boy asks her out?

if the girl likes the boy then say yes and if your parents are square dont tell them

How do you know a boy likes you in 4th grade?

well you would know if he complimented you or showed signs of rejection as if he didnt like you and if he tried to make you laugh i would know im in fourth grade and this guy he never leaves me alone o.o

How do you get a fourth grade boy to notice a fourth grade girl?

Im a boy and in fourth grade so I would start a conversation and look strate in to his eyes

How do you get a fourth grade girl to ask a fourth grade boy out?

im a fourth grade girl so i should know i think if someone told me they had a crush on me at the end of the week then on monday asked to go out with me

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