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Q: How do you install a sight hood on a Winchester model 94?
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Does the pre 64 model 94 without peep sight have a brush guard over the sight on end of barrel?

Winchester buckhorns often came with hoods. Look at the sides of the front sight ramp.Are there slots cut into the sides of the ramp? If there are, the sight originally came with a hood.

How do you remove the front sight on a Winchester model 70?

Only 1 screw is visible, there are 2. Remove front sight hood, drive dove tail blade out from left to right. The other screw is visible now. Remove both screws and the ramp comes off.

Would the front sight hood be compatible with the G98.40 Mauser?

Would the front sight hood for what be compatible with a G98/40, which by the way, is not a Mauser. The standard K98 sight hood will fit on a G98/40 rifle, but it will not sit well and would not be correct. The 98/40 used a proprietary sight hood that no other rifle in the world used. They are exceptionally rare today.

How does one install a wall mount Range Hood?

Installation of a wall mount range hood can be a complicated and involved process depending upon where is it being stalled and the model being installed. There are a number of tutorials on how to install the item on YouTube, and the item itself should come with a set of comprehensive instructions.

How do you put on a front sight hood for a k98 mauser?

the best way, and I never have a problem using this method. get a good pair of Expandable snap ring pliers,then insert tips into sight hood about half way down the inside of hood , then squize-- the hood will open up , and slide it on until its in the groves of the sight , VERY EASY. hope this helps you. Bob

Can I install any hood on my 1991 camaro?

any hood for a 82-92 will fit

Is mixing and matching ranges and range ventilation hood brands problematic, or can I install a different brand hood over my range?

You can install a different brand hood, just be sure it adequately covers the area.

Where can you find a front hood sight cover for a 1957 Marlin?

At the website for gunpartscorp.

Can you install any year Camaro hood on your 92 iroc?

Only 82-92 camaro hood.

Can you install a WALL chimney hood over an island range?


How do you install a grill on a Crown Victoria?

pop the hood and unscrew it

Is it harmful to a car to install racks on the hood?

Is it harmful to a car to install racks on the hood. No it is not. They are useful, unless one is are not drilling the holes in the car then it surely will lower down resale price of the car.