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Most of the time, being a girl as I am, girls don't like guys doing that...

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Q: How do you grab a girls breast when making out?
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Ive seen my aunt naked she has big breast how can you grab her breast making it look like an accident?

You can say, "here auntie, i am a pig can i touch your breast and slobber in awe everywhere?" your a pig. that's immature and disgusting.

Grab women breast?

If you grab a woman's breast without her permission, it is assault and battery and you will go to jail and have to register as a sexual predator.

If you grab a girls breast and she doesn't care?

First of all that's harrasment. Second of all its not that she doesnt care, she is afraid that if she responds you will hurt her due to the harasment.

How do you hold a breast?

Get your hand,reach over, and grab it like you would grab a ballon!

Should you grab or squeeze breasts?

I say both. First grab the breast then squeeze it

Should a guy grab a girls thigh while they are making out?

umm not grab but definitely put your hand there, it feels good :) of course do this knowing that she has the right to tell you to move your hand, respect that

Can you get a DNA from me from a girls breast?

can the police get a dna sample from me if i had touched a girls breast

If you grab a girls breasts do they grow?

Breast size and shape are hereditary, there is no natural way of growing its size. Pregnancy and Lactation temporarily increases breast size due to hormonal changes. Cosmetic Surgery called Breast Augmentation (silicone implant) enhances breast size.

Why do girls flash their breast?

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Do girls like it if you grab there breasts?

NO they dont..

How do you get a boy to grab my breast?

just ask.. im sure he would love to

Why the girls have breast?

For breastfeeding babies.