How do you go offline in Facebook chat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To go offline in Facebook chat all you have to do is:

1.Click on the "Chat" link at the bottom right of your screen.

2.Click on "Options"

3.Clcik "go offline"

hope this helps(:

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Q: How do you go offline in Facebook chat?
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How can you go invisible on Facebook?

Do you mean go offline? Facebook does not tell other people when you are on / offline like myspace does. The only possible way for them to see your online status is if your online on the facebook chat (IM). To go offline on facebook chat: GOTO >> chat (bottom right corner) >> option >> go offline

Is Facebook a safe place to chat?

On Facebook, you can only chat with people that are your friends and they must be online. If you don't want to chat, just go offline

How do you pretend to be offline on facebook?

you open the chat list , click on options , then choose Go Offline .that's it...! =)

How do you get out of the chat room on facebook?

You can't end a chat. What you can do is click on the cross button. They can still post stuff to you.If you go onto your facebook chat, then go to options, there should be options to pop in and out the chat and appear offline.

How do you know if somebody is online in Facebook?

Normally you can see if they are on facebook chat, however the person can go offline facebook chat and still be on the site. in this case you would have no way of knowing.

How can I make myself appear offline on facebook for iphone Does turning off chat make me appear offline?

Yes, if you turn off the chat feature on Facebook for your iPhone, it will appear as though you are offline.

How can i make it so people can't see that I am on facebook?

Go On Chat, Click On Options, Then Click On Go Offline

How do you make your chat work on Facebook?

how you make your chat work on facebook it this you click where it sayed chat and you can see people if they are online or offline

Can others see that you are online with Facebook?

Yes. If you want to go offline, go the bottom right corner, and click where it says "Chat". Then, click "Options" and then, click "Go offline".

Can you be on Facebook without everyone seeing?

Yes, go to your chat box, open it, click options, then click "go offline".

How do you know if a person is offline or only appearing offline on facebook?

if someone post something and it says there offline that means there chat is offline

How do you get on Facebook without friends being aware?

The only way other people know that you are online Facebook at the moment is if they are your friend and you are on chat. You can become invisible on all your friends chat panels if you go to the "Go Offline" Option in your chat panel and click that.