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First you click on the chat icon. Next you click options and then click " go offline".

You can also see who is online without appearing online on facebook chat by accessing this app . Now you are completely invisible .

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Do you mean go offline?

Facebook does not tell other people when you are on / offline like myspace does. The only possible way for them to see your online status is if your online on the facebook chat (IM).

To go offline on facebook chat:

GOTO >> chat (bottom right corner) >> option >> go offline

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If your on about being invisible so no one can see your online.

You go on your chat,

Click the Options button.

Then click 'Go Offline'.

Your welcome.

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Q: How can you go invisible on Facebook?
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How do you be invisible on Facebook?

You can't become "Invisible" on Facebook Chat. Instead you can appear "Offline" though still be on Facebook, just others cannot see that you are online.

What if i use the incognito app on facebook?

Incognito mode simply means there will be no record of your browsing or download histories. It will not make you 'invisible' to your Facebook friends.

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There are youtube videos on how to do this. Maybe one can help you.

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Who can see you log on to facebook?

Any of your friends who are logged on and check the chat box or have it open. You can appear invisible by clicking on Chat then Options then Go Offline. You will stay online, but appear offline. Just be aware that they can see any posts you make while you're invisible.

Is there a way to go on Facebook if you don't have a Facebook account?

No, you have to have an account to go on facebook.

How do you appear offline in the facebook mobile?

Appearing offline is a key feature in a number of social and chat locations. At times, it would be improper to be involved in chats, so invisible mode is often employed. Invisible is one of the options under chat controls for Facebook mobile.

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You look on the bar for chatting click on it and click on one of the buttons and click invisible.

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