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By undertaking an apprenticeship with a reputable artist and learning. I could go over every step that you would take, but without actually learning and sharpening your skills overall over a span of time in a shop, it will count for virtually nothing. There is a oceans worth of knowledge that you have to attain before you can become a professional in this industry. You will have to learn; tattooing techniques, how to hold the machine, electrical know how, machine building, medical termonology, tattoo termonology, be acredited in bloodborne pathogen training, basic first aid, artistic knowledge and practice, etc., etc., etc.

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Pen ink won't stick in ur skin. Your body will push it out and the little bit that does stick will fade and look like crap. You can buy tattoo ink and put a staple/paper clip/needle that is sharpened and dip it in the ink and poke it into the skin a dot at a time. Hence the name pick and poke. If you aren't in prison there is no reason to do it like that. You can buy a real tattoo gun for a few hundred dollars or make one with a motor from radio shack for about $10, another prison method. Your best bet is get it done by a professional so you don't hate yourself later. Just my opinion.

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Your skin will only end up rejecting the ink. Pen ink can be toxic to the skin. Save up some money (or wait until you're 18) and get it done professionally or end up with scared skin if you try to do it your self.

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Q: How do you give a tattoo with just a needle and ink from a pen?
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Is a hypodermic needle a viable alternative for a tattoo needle. Could tattoo ink be put into the syringe and used in place of an ink reservoir?

No. Just NO. It is no where near the same.

What is textured tattoo needle?

Textured needles hold more ink. By not polishing the entire taper of the needle, the needle will be able to hold more ink.

What makes a tattoo permanent?

Ink is inserted under the skin with a needle.

Can you make a homemade tattoo with a needle and an ink pin?

technically yes, you could scar the body in a designed manner. But no, you cannot really get a tattoo with pen ink. You will most likely get ink poisoning

When getting a tattoo do they burn the ink into your skin or do they just inject it?

Normally, tatoo shops inject it. Well, they put the ink on the needle, and it stabs and leaves the ink in the skin. Some people who do it from home, burn it.

How can you protect yourself from getting hep b from a tattoo needle?

Make sure the shop you go to has a license, is clean and that they ONLY use disposable needles. If you don't see them pulling out a new, sterile needle each time they start a tattoo, then don't get a tattoo from them. - - - - - You're not likely to get a bloodborne disease from a tattoo needle. If you're going to get one from a tattoo shop, it will come from the ink. Tattoo artists don't like to use old needles, and needles aren't expensive--so, unless you go to someone who tattoos out of his house, you'll get new needles when you get a tattoo. The ink is a different story. It is expensive, and they can't use all of it when they give someone a tattoo. You put ink in a tattoo machine by dipping the tip in the ink and stepping on the footpedal, which causes the needle to pull ink into the reservoir. If you're refilling the machine during a tattoo, there's blood in the machine, which winds up in the ink. Some guys are tempted to put the unused ink back in the bottle. So...if you really want to see how good a shop you're dealing with, go watch them do a tattoo--they'll let you. If they finish the tattoo and immediately throw all the ink caps and excess ink into a biohazard bag, it's a safe shop. If they set the ink caps to the side for later, don't go there.

Why do the children have tattoos on their hand?

easiest place to tattoo while experimenting with ink & needle.

Is geijutsu tattoo ink work good?

I don't think so, I think I went bout as deep as u can with the needle and just not dark enough when it heals. Am I wrong? Or does the ink just not work as good "sucks"?

What are the symptoms if you are having a reaction to tattoo ink?

Well, a reaction to tattoo ink would be a symptom... but having a reaction to tattoo ink means that you were inserted with an infected needle. You should probably get that checked. Another possibility is gothitis, which is the inability to get tattoos due to ungothness.

Is there a needle at the tip of a tatttoo gun?

Yup. There is, a tattoo gun uses the needle to pierce you're skin and inject permenant ink.

What are the jail house meanings of tattoos?

a jail house tattoo is when someone takes a needle and ink and repeatidly pokes them selves wit the needle then covers the open poke that the needle has made adn puts ink over it

What is the difference between tattoo ink and artist ink?

Artist Inks can be used with airbrushes, pens, and paintbrushes. Tattoo inks are made specifically for use on the skin only (by a needle) hope this helped~