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level up and your miscrits will be full health or buy by facebook money or wait every hour!

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Q: How do you get to heal your miscrits on the game miscrits?
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Is there a game like Digimon and Pokemon?


Is there any games online that is like Pokemon?

One game that I like is called Miscrits and it is on Facebook There are two versions: Miscrits of sunfall kingdom Miscrits of volcano island

How do you get Miscrits Hack Generator?

You can get a working miscrits hack generator at they have a free miscrits hack generator that will cheat you free training points, gold and other stuff in the game

What is the worst game of all time?

My vote goes to "Miscrits". That game is no fun.

Where can you find frostmite in miscrits?

In the game bar.If you do not know what game bar is visit

How do you heal your miscrits on facebook?

go to map, healing chapel, every hour only, buy facebook money, level up

What is the best game on Facebook like Pokemon?

monster galaxy or miscrits

How do you get veevern in miscrits?

i want weevern in miscrits how to get weevern in miscrits

How do you pass the guard in sunfall village in miscrits?

miscrits collector give miscrits which who wants easy

What level do you unlock volcano island on miscrits?

You can unlock Volcano Island in the Miscrits game once you reach level 25. It will become accessible for you to explore and capture new miscrits within the volcanic area.

Can you play game like miscrits online?

yeah you can at places like Kongregate and Facebook.

What is th lightning miscrits weakness?

earth miscrits