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Certainly you can but this is the only stage where you won't be able to get a perfect score. You can get all those purple diamonds but at the end where you find a secret hidden path to two chest guarded by two boulders , you can't open both of them. This is where it gives you the sense of incompleteness . Rather than this you are still OK !

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Q: How do you get though diamond rush siberia stage 8?
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How do I beat diamond rush siberia stage 10?

You beat it by being intelligient

How do you get the red diamonds in Siberia stage 7 in Diamond Rush?

go to the snake and kill it and you will get a red diamond

How do you get though Diamond rush siberia secret stage 2?

There are lots of helpful walkthroughs for Diamond Rush Siberia Secret Stage 2. You can find video walkthroughs on YouTube or Veoh. Also if you prefer you can check out written walkthroughs for this highly addictive game on Pocket Gamer.

How do you find secret stage 1 in Bavaria diamond rush?

shake your penis well...

How do get thoug diamond rush Siberia stage 8?

its really simple. take all the diamonds and pass from the obstacle. try to take the key. and put it in final door. door will get open. and follow the symbol and get into it. you will be through to the level. hahaha :D [ban gya popat]

How do you beat diamond rush Angkor Wat secret stage 3?

In order to beat Diamond Rush Angkor Wat Secret stage 3 you must first clear stage 2. Yου will need theе Mystic Hook frοm Bavaria Stage 3 fοr a exact rυn by getting аll 4 exact messages.

How do you get ice hammer on diamond rush game?

How to get the ice hammer in diamond rush

What is the last stage of brain rush?

Altimodilation is the final stage of brain rush.

What is the first stage of brain rush?

The first stage of brain rush is "the BOOMERANG" rollercoaster.

What are the cheats of diamond rush?

your banned

When was the diamond rush?

south africa

What is the cheat codes of diamond rush?