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without a bunker, it is very unlikely youll be 'safe'. as to the fact there is alot of radiation involved, so if you survive the explosion you may be killed by the following radiation.

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Q: How do you get safe from nuclear weapon?
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What is the meaning of nuclear weapon?

The meaning of the word nuclear weapon, is a weapon that has a nuclear warhead on it.

What is a nuclear weapon in wich enormous energy is released by nuclear fission?

This nuclear weapon is called an atomic bomb or a nuclear bomb

What is an atomic weapon?

An atomic weapon is an alternative name for a nuclear weapon, a weapon which derives its energy from the nuclear reactions of either fusion or fission.

Which one has the ability to destroy entire cities and impair electronic communications systems?

Nuclear weapon detonations

Is an bomb or a nuclear weapon more powerful?

If by "bomb" you mean a conventional explosive weapon, then the nuclear weapon is more powerful.

How does the energy released by an earthquake compare to the energy of a nuclear weapon?

* Earthquake Richter 5.0 = 32 kilotons nuclear weapon, like was used at Nagasaki * Earthquake Richter 6.0 = 1 megaton nuclear weapon * Earthquake Richter 7.0 = 32 megaton nuclear weapon * Earthquake Richter 7.1 = 50 megaton nuclear weapon, Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever tested * Earthquake Richter 8.0 = 1 gigaton nuclear weapon, much larger than anything ever made

What is a nuclear weapon made of?

nuclear chemicals such as plutonium

How many rads does a nuclear weapon produce?

That would vary from weapon to weapon.

Does the Philippines have a nuclear weapon?


Does Philippines has a nuclear weapon?


What you know about nuclear weapon?

the first nuclear weapon was issued in WW2 created by the americans in a chicargo squash court

How do you make a atomic bomb on Doodle God?

plutonium + weapon