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who ever has a tracfone, give me your numbers

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Q: How do you get free tracfone minutes?
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How can one earn free tracfone minutes?

One can earn free tracfone minutes by doing tasks for tracfone. These tasks can involve completing surveys or doing research for tracfone and getting paid with tracfone minutes.

How doe the tracfone unlimited plan works?

well tracfone is for free and you basically get 250 minutes every month for a whole year and then you get 60 minutes after one year has passed by

How do you get free tracfone minutes without making a purchase?

by having active service first

Can you transfer minutes from one tracfone to another tracfone?

yes you can. call tracfone.

Is tracfone to tracfone calls free?

Unfortunately no.

Where can you get free phones?

Assurance Wireless (through Virgin Mobile) or Tracfone If you qualify you can receive a free phone with free minutes each month

Can you transfer your Tracfone minutes to a phone under Net10?

No you can not transfer your tracfone minutes to a net10 phone because they are two different systems run by the same company, I know I have a tracfone & I wish I could transfer my minutes from tracfone to net10 but call them it can't hurt

Does playing games on a tracfone cost?

It does not cost to play games on your Tracfone. But it does cost minutes to buy games on a Tracfone.

Your tracfone now has 357 minutes will you loose those minutes when you buy another tracfone?

No only if you enter another card number. =)

Where can you get free ring tones for the tracfone W376g?

Sorry, it's not possible to get free ringtones on any Tracfone.

If your get double minutes for a TracFone and then get double minutes again is that quadruple minutes?

sadly no

Can you tranfer minutes from one tracfone to another tracfone?

Yes you can. Your airtime goes along with it though.