How do you get free onverse coins?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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There are several ways to obtain Player Points, or PP. First of all, you can buy them on the website. As second option, you can PP hunt with your tools on the Ancient Moon, Volcano Island, Enchanted Forest or some places in the Hub. As third, you can play mini-games such as Icefall, Splatball and the rewarding Trials of the Ancients to compete for Player Points. Fourth option is to attend in Official Events, where you can get more information about on the forums. Last but not least, if you have some Cash Coins you don't want, you can exchange them at one of the PP Dealing Ducks called Seymour, which can be found all around Onverse.

About these Cash Coins. To get Cash Coins, or CC, you can buy them on the website, do some Special Offers for free or attend in Onverse's monthly Official Competitions, also free. Also, you can find Gold Keys while hunting for PPs all over Onverse, which can be exchanged for items in the Casino and sold for free CCs.
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Q: How do you get free onverse coins?
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How to get a job in onverse?

There are no paying jobs in Onverse but you are free to role-play with your friends.

How do you play onverse?

Onverse is a virtual world game that you have to download to play. It is free to play with the option of spending money for perks such as VIP and Cash Coins. The download takes about 5-10 minutes on a PC or laptop with decent internet connection.

Is the game onverse free?

Yes, Onverse is 100% free and has no hidden fees. To support the game, and for extra features, you have an option to purchase a VIP membership. However, unlike other games, you can do a lot in Onverse without having to pay one single penny.

When did Onverse happen?

Onverse happened in 2009.

Does onverse have viruses?

From my experiences from playing Onverse for almost two year, I can safely say that Onverse has no viruses, spyware or adware. In other words, Onverse is completely safe.

When was Onverse created?

Onverse was created on 2009-06-15.

Do you have to download onverse?

Yes, Onverse is a game you'll have to download. This is just for technical reasons. Onverse has a verified trust sign, and is completely safe.

How do you get a home in onverse?

You can buy a home in Onverse by spending CC(Cash Coins) or PP(Player Points). Right now(late 2016) the PP homes are mostly taken while the CEO searches for a new developer to update the game. You could always ask in The Hub if someone would be willing to give up their PP home or their free apartment so you could claim it for yourself.

What are some onverse users?

Onverse is a free virtual world where you can create a virtual version of yourself, and interact with other virtual users. There are many users on the site. In order to get some usernames of those users, you need to join and start socializing.

Some free virtual world?

onverse is the best out there play it sign up. Click onto the related link below.

Can you have children in onverse?

There is currently no way to have a family in Onverse. At least, no official system in Onverse. Many players like to role-play to have a virtual family, though. If you ask some people, I'm pretty sure some will react positively!

Can you get married on onverse?

um.. no..