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People DO NOT eat chicks.

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Q: How do you get crunchy chicks on fable?
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Where can you find Crunchy Chicks in Fable 2?

Crunchy Chicks can be bought from Produce Vendors, such as the ones in Bloodstone and Bowerstone. However, if this is for the Temple of Shadows quest, don't worry about the Crunchy Chicks as the priest will give you a couple to eat.

Where do you get crunchy chicks on fable 1?

You can buy it from wandering traders, or in the bandit camp.

Where to get Crunchy chicks in Fable 2?

You can sometimes buy them from the goods trader in the gypsy camp.You can also get some at the start of the Dark Church Place Mission.

In Fable 2 how do you lower evilness and corruptness?

evilness: massacre a town, buy height and shrinking potionscurrpption: crunchy chicks, height and shrinking potions from knothole island

How do you become pure evil in Fable II? killing people without the safety being on. crunchy chicks 3.kill your spouse 4.sacrifice people at the temple of shadows

On Fable 2 how do you complete the temple of shadows quest?

To join the Temple of Shadows, you simply travel to Rookridge and then the Temple of Shadows. Talk to the man in front of the temple and you will have to eat 5 crunchy chicks. Eating them will increase your corruption and lower your purity.

Are nuts crunchy?

nuts are not crunchy

Why are sugar cookies crunchy?

Sugar cookies are crunchy because of the crunchy texture of the flour.

As crunchy as what?

Some things are as crunchy as a handful of dry rice, crunchy enough to break your teeth open. Other things are as crunchy as a bowl of granola cereal.

Why are beetles crunchy?

Because they have shells with crunchy stuff in

Is cinnamon crunchy?

No cinnamon is not crunchy it is kind of powder.

Is crunchy a noun?

The word crunchy is an adjective that describes a noun as crisp, brittle:Crunchy foods make a loud noise when you bite them.The noun form for the adjective crunchy is crunchiness.