Are nuts crunchy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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nuts are not crunchy

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Q: Are nuts crunchy
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Related questions

What makes a vegetable crunchy?

The same thing that makes nuts crunchy.

Does people say that Ferrero Rocher is crunchy?

Yes, because of the nuts on the outside

What makes a cereal so crunchy?

It can be nuts and thick grains. These are good to be eaten in mornings. Rebeca England

What ingredient makes a cookie crunchy?

You can use chopped pecans, chopped almonds, or other kinds of nuts to make cookies crunchy. Toasting the nuts before mixing them in will improve the "crunch" of the cookie. Sometimes rice crispies will work. Additionally, the inclusion of some types of harder candy in the dough will make the cookie crunchy. A broken Heath bar is just one example of that idea. Another way to make the cookie crunchy is to bake it a bit longer. Care should be exercised here, but a good finished product can be had with a bit of caution. Biscotti is a single example of this technique.

Is Nutella made in factory with other nuts?

no way. nutella doesnt even contain nuts, like you know how NUTella is so chocolately goodness and lovely silky smooth seductiveness that you just wanna roll around in that smoothness? of course it cant contain nuts if its so smooth i mean like nuts are crunchy man.

Why are sugar cookies crunchy?

Sugar cookies are crunchy because of the crunchy texture of the flour.

As crunchy as what?

Some things are as crunchy as a handful of dry rice, crunchy enough to break your teeth open. Other things are as crunchy as a bowl of granola cereal.

Why are beetles crunchy?

Because they have shells with crunchy stuff in

Is cinnamon crunchy?

No cinnamon is not crunchy it is kind of powder.

Is crunchy a noun?

The word crunchy is an adjective that describes a noun as crisp, brittle:Crunchy foods make a loud noise when you bite them.The noun form for the adjective crunchy is crunchiness.