How do you get alcohol posioning?

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You can get alcohol poisoning by drinking way to much Alcohol.

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Q: How do you get alcohol posioning?
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What are symptoms of alcohol posioning?

Passing out can be a serious symptom of alcohol poisoning. In any case call a physician if anyone passes out for any reason.

How can you die from drinking beer?

alcohol posioning, you would die around 20 beers proven on manswers althought you are in alot of discomfort by the time you get to 12

Can you get lead posioning?

yes you can

What happen if someone drinks technical alcohol?

technical ethanol? if this is meant to be "pure" alcohol a.k.a ethanol if you drink this in large amounts you will almost definetly die of alcohol posioning. This is why so many people died from drinking moonshine because it had such a high alcohol concentration in the drink.

Is paralytic shellfish posioning contagious?


How do you get cadmium posioning?

Using Mcdonalds Shreak cups.

Can you get water posioning?

kinda. to make sure you need to cook it

What can you do for food posioning?

see a doctor, donot induce vomitting

What are the effects of alcohol posioning?

Suppression of the central nervous system (CNS), leading to eventual unconsciousness and death, most often of respiratory collapse, or the inhalation of vomitus while unconscious due to deadening of the gag reflex.

You believe to have had food posioning with all the symptoms your white blood test count came back high is this normal with food posioning?

Yes, it's your body trying to defend itself

How can you prevent food posioning?

You can cook the food or keep it in the fridge or freezer

What protein foods can easily give you food posioning?

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