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Depends on where you live. A permit to buy is not required in most of the US.

Addendum (by Analogdino):

In Canada a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) is required to own any firearm (except those defined as antiques.) Long guns are no longer required to be registered (a recent change in the law.) To own a handgun (and some other so-called "restricted" firearms), you need to show a reason to own it, e.g. shooting club membership or collector status. Self-defence is not accepted by the government as a reason to own a pistol in Canada. All restricted guns must be registered. There are other ownership regulations too numerous to list here. For full information contact Canada Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) or the Canadian National Firearms Association (NFA).

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Q: How do you get a permit to buy a hand gun?
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Can you buy a gun in Ohio with a marijuana charge?

probably a rifle but it might be hard to get a permit for a hand gun.

Can you buy gun case without gun permit for someone who has a permit as a gife?

Yes, you can buy a gun case for anyone.

Can you buy a gun with no permit?

Depends on where you are. In MOST of the US, there is no requirement to have a permit to buy a gun. You must be an adult and pass a background check.

Do you need a gun permit in Ohio to buy a hand gun?

To purchase a gun, no. Anyone can purchase a gun as long as they meet the age requirement, aren't a felon, and don't have any disqualifying misdemeanors.

How do you buy and own licensed gun in Indonesia?

You can own a hand gun in indonesia. You must first take a safety course. Then you must buy your gun, and be registered as a gun club member. And you are purchasing it for security. Or you must claim it is for hunting purposes Once you have the permit. It is legal to openly carry your hand gun in public.

Do you need a gun permit to buy a shot gun in Florida?


Do you need a permit to buy a shot gun in IN?


Do you need a permit to buy a gun in Georgia?


How old to buy a hand gun in pa?

21 I believe. It can be 18 but only with a federal permit (usually used for police or military personnel).

Can you get a gun permit with a warrant in Oklahoma?

You don't need a permit to buy a gun in Oklahoma, if you mean concealed carry permit I think it depends on what crime you are wanted for.

Can you carry a hand gun on a motorcycle in Texas?

If you have a gun permit, yes, as long as you are somewhere where it is otherwise legal to have the gun.

The state that will accept Texas concealed hand gun permit?

Numerous states recognize the Texas permit.