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Commit a gun related felony...

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2010-08-24 03:48:48
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Q: How do you get a list of the serial numbers to the guns that are registered in your name?
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Is there a list of who guns are registered to?


Where can you get a list of serial numbers for firearms registered in your name?

AnswerThis question is a bit confusing. If they are registered in YOUR name, YOU must have registered them, you should know what agency you registered them with, and they should be in YOUR gun safe.

How do you get a list of your registered guns in Texas?

Like most of the US, there is no registration of guns in Texas.

How do you get a list of the guns that are registered to you?

I don't think there is a list. Records are kept where you buy a gun, but what if you bought guns in more than one place.

Is there a list of serial numbers for the colt python?

Go to Serial numbers for most all Colts are there.

Where can you find a list of Winchester serial numbers?

Does Savage publish a list of serial numbers year of mfg of their guns and where can one be had?

Some models are listed on and a few are listed in the back of The Blue Book of Gun Values.

Where can you download John Deere gator serial numbers?

By downloading serial numbers I assume you mean a list of years and serial numbers? And for the record, only John Deere dealers have this capability to ensure that serial numbers are not forged or altered.

Can you show me list of marlin goose gun serial numbers?


History of Winchester M1 carbine serial number 6468169?

It is not a good idea to post on the internet the serial numbers of your weapon. Someone could report it stolen and even if you have proof of purchase it will be a real hassle for you to remove it from the stolen guns list.

Where is a list of Glock 22 serial numbers? or you can call Glock

Is there a list of serial numbers that can tell you when your Winchester 1400 12 gauge was made?

i think the last 2 numbers of the serial number tells the year

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