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Q: Where can you find a list of Winchester serial numbers?
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List serial numbers for Winchester model 94 30-30?


Is there a list of serial numbers that can tell you when your Winchester 1400 12 gauge was made?

i think the last 2 numbers of the serial number tells the year

What serial numbers were used for what years of Winchester 1894 rifles?

Go here, they lost the serial numbers. sorry, I meant "list" not "lost"

When was Winchester Model 94 30-30 serial number 440383 made?

The Winchester model 94 30-30 was produced between 1894 and 1980. A gun dealer would be a good place to find a list of the serial numbers for all those years.

When was the Winchester Model 12 serial number 1711442 manufactured?

The answer appears to be 1916. Try this website for a list of Winchester Model 12 Serial numbers

What is age of Winchester Ranger 30-30 serial number 61665xx?

I checked records for all Winchester "Rangers" produced. You list a serial number that would have had seven digits: "61665xx". The only seven digit serial numbers Winchester used had a first digit no higher than "2".

Is your gun a pre or post 1964 you have a 30 30 Winchester model 94 and the serial numbers are 275xxxx and it says on the serial list its a 1964 What is the value of the gun?

It is pre 1964 with a serial # of 496507

Where do you find the date on an Olds and sons trombone?

Find the serial number and look up the date on a list of Olds serial numbers.

List serial numbers of Winchester model 94 32 by years?

Blue Book of Gun Values

How can you look up a gun by its serial number?

You find a published list of serial numbers for the maker.

What is the value of a Winchester serial 1667748?

You need to list the model number too.

How can you find a list of stolen gun serial numbers?

You can't. The best you can do is check with local law enforcement.