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make conversation, and give him questions that are difficult but that will make him say that he likes you. ask him what he likes in you.

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Q: How do you get a guy to say if he likes you without making it awkward?
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What to do when you like your guy friend but he doesn't like you?

Then you simply move on. find someone who likes you for who you are. unless you want to risk making things awkward.

What do you do if a younger guy likes you?

It's okay for the guy to be younger. As long as he's not super immature, that could be awkward.

You like a guy and he makes fun of you and flirts with you does that mean he likes me?

Don't ask the person directly... potentially awkward. Try and get someone else to find out wihtout making it obvious.

Is it awkward to ask a guy out in middle school?

it will be awkward if he doesn't realy talk to you but if he likes to start a conversation with you and talk with you all the time and you feel that he likes you and you like him and you feel that you won't get rejected then ask him out!!!

Is it awkward when you slow dance with the guy you like when he likes you back to but we're not dating?

Kiss him while your dancing.

How do you tell a guy-friend you like him without that awkward feeling in the air?

hint at it as obviously as you can and you should be able to tell if he likes you too. if he's ignoring your hints then he doesn't return your feelings and it shouldn't be too awkward as you can pretend you never hinted anything.

Can a really outgoing guy be really shy around the girl he likes and act kinda awkward and different around her?

yes a guy can get shy with a girl he likes and acts awkward and different around her although it might be bad if he acts different, you want them to show there true self

If a guy asks you about your new contacts and he is looking deep into your eyes for a minute what does that mean?

It means he just wants an excuse to look into your eyes without making it awkward :) how cute.

Why would a guy make things awkward for a girl even though she already has a boyfriend?

3 possible reasons: The guy could like the girl, and wants her. The guy may not know that he is making things awkward. The guy could be intentionally make things awkward because he dislikes the girl, or her boyfriend.

How can you talk to a guy who you have not talked to in a long time without it being awkward?

To talk to a guy that you have not talked to in a long time without it being awkward, just talk to him. Talk about things that both of you think about, and make sure that you are honest.

How do you get a guy to like you and not your best friend?

If the guy already likes your best friend, there's pretty much nothing you can do without making yourself look vindictive and manipulative.

Does a guy I like hate me if he avoids talking to his friend who happens to be standing talking to me?

maybe or.. he likes you to and feels awkward about it

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