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because you are builing muscle, do not step on the scales for the first couple of weeks of excersize, just start to notice that your clothes are fittig different and enjoy

or you could just eat them in their sleep. You'll gain weight and they hopefully won't notice.

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Q: How do you gain weight without parents noticing?
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Can you gain muscle mass with weight training without gaining weight?

No that is impossible. You cannot gain muscle mass without ever gaining weight.

How do you gain weight without it going to your butt?

lift weights and gain muscle

How do you gain fat weight without your parents noticing?

You can gain weight without being noticed by not doing sports in school that year or do excercising. Sneak fatty foods into your room also, and eat them at night. Try to eat right before bed or take a nap right after because you body will store food in fat cells then. Eat a lot of dairy, grains, candy, and greasy foods to speed gaining.

Can you gain weight overnight without eating or drinking anything?


Where can I find information about weight gain diet on the Internet?

Weight gain diets are designed for people who are very thin or have difficulty gaining weight. I have been put on a weight gain diet in the past without success. There is a site called thednadiet dot com that will provide you with information on the weight gain diet.

How could you gain muscle without using steriods?

Weight training.

How do you gain weight without fat?

weight lifting. remember muscle weighs more than fat.

How do you lose weight without trying?

No Pain No Gain, well in this case, loss.

How can increase breast size without surgery?

There is no way unless you gain weight.

Can my brother become my gain custody of me without consent from my parents?

Only with a court order.

How do you gain weight without side effects?

It depends what you mean by side effects. However a balanced diet and proper exercise is the best way for a normal person to gain weight

How is it possible to not gain weight in pregnancy?

It is a necessary biological response for a woman to gain weight during her pregnancy. The weight is added from fat that holds nutrients and water that both provide for and protect the baby. It is not possible to not gain weight during the pregnancy without harming the baby, but there are ways to lose the weight after the birth of the child.