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Use the urine of a pregnant person (not your own) - BUT - why would you want to do this.

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Q: How do you fake digital pregnancy test to be positive?
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Can you get a fake positive on a pregnancy test?

Not likely. Get a blood test just to be 100%

Can Urinary track infection causes fake positive result of pregnancy blood test?

No, UTI does not cause a false positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are very specific to hCG (the pregnancy hormone), if the test reads positive you are pregnant.

How early is too early to take a pregnancy test?

my digital pregnancy test came out positive when i was only 10 days pregnant dont ask how but it did! my digital pregnancy test came out positive when i was only 10 days pregnant dont ask how but it did!

If you are taking provera to start a period will it cause a pregnancy test to be a fake positive?


Why do digital pregnancy tests say negative but pregnancy tests with strips say positive?

Go to the doctor to get a real test.

How would you fake a pregnancy so you could get married at the age of 15?

In order to fake pregnancy tests washing solutions suchs as detergents can be used on the pregnancy tests to make the outcome positive. However there is no way to fake a blood test or a pregnancy itself.

Can a Pregnancy test with very faint positive line be positive?

Yes.. I took a pregnancy test and got a very very faint almost non visible pink line.. I was also confused so bought a digital test and low and behold pregnant.. My advice would be to buy a digital test because you are probably pregnant!!!

If you have a positive pregnancy test are you actually pregnant?

Most likely yes, you are pregnant or were. I don't think a pregnancy test can read positive without HCG present and HCG is produced by pregnancy. If it is a digital pregnancy test and reads positive you are definitely pregnant. Do be aware of evaporation lines that are gray or colorless. Make sure this positive line is colored. If the positive lines are not all colored you could be seeing the evaporation line which could be misread as a positive.

Is cramping a sign of pregnancy on the IUD?

No, a positive pregnancy test is the sign of pregnancy on the IUD.

What are good pregnancy tests?

Answer digital pregnancy test

When did ClearBlue release their Easy Digital Pregnancy Test?

The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy test was first released in September 2008. The one-step Clearblue Digital Pregnancy test makes reading results much easier.

What does the inside strip of a clear blue digital pregnancy test look like when it's positive?

The digital pregnancy tests are the same set up as the basic tests. You will urinate on the test (or dip it in your fresh urine) and it will say positive or negative, but if you were to take the test apart the inside has the strip that will show with the one (if negative) or two (if positive) lines. From my experience, sometimes the test will display a negative reading but the strip will be positive with a faint line so always double test a few days later.