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Right click on the AVG icon in the task bar on your desktop and click Open AVG user interface. On the menu, of AVG, choose History, and click on virus Vault, and you can empty from that module.

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Q: How do you empty the AVG Resident Shield Log?
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How do you empty the avg free version resident shield log containing 300 plus items when the virus vault is empty and has a delete button but there is no delete option within the virus vault module to?

You need to Re-Install Avg

How do you empty the avg free version resident shield log containing 300 plus items when there is no delete option in the virus vault module?

It there is no delete option in your virus vault then you will need to reinstall AVG If you are using Windows 7, the default directory will be C:\ProgramData\AVG...\DB Delete all files in here to erase all history of detection in the Resident Shield log. AVG says this cannot be done. I just did it.

How do you get AVG Resident Shield Alert window from popping up every time we log on?

Open AVG user interface...go to "tools"...go to "advanced settings"...uncheck "Display Resident Shield related tray notifications (automatic action)....reboot computer...should work...worked for me =) good luck

What does PSW Briss H do?

I recently found PSW.Bliss H Trojan on my PC....the only thing that alerted me to something being amiss was that just as I closed the PC down the draw of my CD player would open! This happened a number of times and only by running my Anti-Virus software (AVG Free Edition) did I discover the problem. AVG automatically remove it and all is noe OK. You must remember to delete the System Restore files otherwise if you need to go back to a restore point the virus will could still be there! As far as I am aware the PSW Bliss H Trojan is an attempt to extract password info from your PC so beware!!AnswerRecently I too was alarmed: AVG resident shield gave me a warning on PSW.Briss.H and *.C Files mentioned: jao.dll and bridge.dll. Search (incl. hidden & system files) on my system couldn't find these files, so I suppose AVG did deal with them in the first place. The AVG resident shield mention only stopped after doing this: I did a scan including what's in the files (went to safe mode F8, don't remember the exact formulation by heart). In a log file (setupapi.log), lines were found containing references to jao.dll & bridge dll. Erasing this lines (or you could delete the log file entirely) stopped AVG shield from giving me the warnings. What I find particularly odd is that searching most major anti virus products websites, does not give 1 hit when looking for PSW.Briss.H,unless I missed it... I use win xp pro, adaware, avg, spybot, ...This entry because I know how hard it is to find what you need when confronted with a troublesome problem...AnswerRun AVG Free Edition Search in Safe Mode.

When using the internet what will empty the log of internet sites you have recently viewed?

clear history

How do you remove Downloader Stubby B from C WINNT SENTRY EXE running Windows 2000?

Log on as Administrator. Install AVG Anti Virus from Run AVG and it will disinfect the sentry.exe. I have just had done the above this morning. Works OK.

Which backup type will empty the application log on the server that is being backed up?

VSS Full backup

When using Internet Explorer options will empty the log of Internet sites you have recently viewed?

clear history

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Why would you keep getting viruses everytime you update your AVG?

My suggestion is to put your AVG in auto update mode. Go to control panel and check the auto update box. Have it update daily. If you have dial-up, I would suggest you go in first thing, every time you log on to your computer and update. New viruses pop up on a daily basis and it is a good idea to stay on top of them.