How do you change users on roblox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Log out, log in to another account

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Q: How do you change users on roblox?
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Is there any adult users on roblox?

ROBLOX does not require users to be under 18, therefore I'm sure there must be some.

Who is racerlion on Roblox?

racerlion is one of the many users that uses Roblox.

Why is roblox not so popular?

Roblox is a fairly popular game with over one million users.

Who are some WikiAnswers users who play Roblox?

Mattymattyy10 :)

What are the rules in roblox?

Rules may vary depending on the game, but the general concensus is that you don't do anything that would offend other users as the majority of Roblox users are children.

Does anyone know Roblox's password apart from the staff?

No, only Roblox employees know ROBLOX's password. Since Roblox is an administrator, giving out his password to users would cause major problems. Because of this, it is likely that the Roblox staff members change Roblox's password every so often for security purposes, so even if someone did know his password it wouldn't work for very long. Also, if ROBLOX did give out their password, noobs would take over, change the password, and Roblox Admins wouldn't be able to access it.

Who is staff of Roblox?

David Baszucki and Erik Casse created Roblox in 2005. Staff members include: Builderman, Telamon and other roblox users.

How old do you have to be to talk on Roblox?

As of the latest chat update, all users can chat on ROBLOX, however users under 13 may only use words on a pre-approved whitelist.

What is the difference from a script and a localscript on Roblox?

A script on Roblox runs on the server side then talks to the users. This allows it to address multiple users and manage the server. Local scripts run on a users computer then talks to the server. This allows for less lag in tools.

Is roblox or Minecraft popular ?

Minecraft: about 200M users Roblox: 2.7B users Which is more popular? Yes, yes, Roblox is! Wait it isn’t! They copied their accounts! Minecraft: 185M players Roblox: 160M players millions of roblox players got banned, so they copied their accounts

Is obc considered rare on roblox?

Compared to all the users on Roblox, yes. However hundreds, if not thousands of people still have OBC!

Is roblox any good?

Roblox Is Very Exiting For The Younger Genre From 3 - 15 It Has Over 10,000,000 Users Which Is Alot 10Mil