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Disassemble to do what? To remove the trigger group you need to push out the two pins in the receiver to remove the trigger group. To remove the bolt you need to take the barrel off which requires an armorers barrel wrench.

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Q: How do you disassemble a Remington Model 7600?
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Pictures of how to disassemble a Remington?

Which model??

How much does the Remington Model 7600 weigh?

About 7.5 pound.

What is the price for a Remington model 7600 270cal?

100-500 or so

When did Remington start manufacturing the 30-06 Model 7600 pump rifle and is it still manufactured today?

Remington discontinued the Model 760 rifle at the end of 1982 and introduced the Model 7600, Model 76 (cheaper version) in 1983. Yes, it is still being made.

Where can you get disassembly instructions for a Remington Model 7600?

I would contact Remington directly.Their Customer service dept.should be able to help you.

Where can you get an adjustable trigger for a Remington model 7600 270 caliber?


Did Remington make the 7600 model before 1968?

No mate. 7600's first came out in the early 80's, 1981 I believe. Prior to that was the model 760, which is like the older sister of the 7600 and was first catalogued around 1952 I believe. Remington made pump rifles in different models way back to about the time of WWI.

How do you field strip or disassemble your Remington model 582?

take bolt off

How do you disassemble a Remington model 41 bolt?

slide the spring to the 2nd hole and go from there

How do you disassemble the stock and forearm from a Remington 7600 pump rifle because I want to replace with a synthetic stockforearm?

Go to to download an owner's manual.

What is the rate of twist on my Remington model 7600?

1-10 This means the bullet makes one complete rotation every10 inches.

How do you disassemble a Remington model 14?

There is several you tube videos showing the procedure Aug 30, 2012.