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i have no idea so i am still asking and asking

:( :( :( :( :(

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Q: How do you delete your WeeWorld Account?
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How do you delete a WeeWorld?

Go into feedback and tell weeworld, that they can delete your account( :

How do you delete your account on WeeWorld?

You do it by pressing on feedback okay?!

How do you delete weeworld?

You can not delete your weeworld you just stop using it!

How do you delete a room on WeeWorld?

Sorry but you can not. One you have added a room, you can not delete it.

Who do you get out of WeeWorld?

If you want to cancel your account on weeworld you have to send a message to the people who run the site and ask them to remove it, to do this you go to the feedback tab (under CELEBS) and once you click that a small box will appear, click on the first thing given "I would like to make a comment or suggestion" then type in why you want to quit and they will delete your account... hope this helped ;p * or you could just exit out of your weeworld character, and just never go back on it, and in time they will delete your account. Add manomez : )

How do you delete clothes on WeeWorld?

Well unfortunately there is no way to delete clothing items...

Does Robert Pattinson have a WeeWorld account?

Robert Pattinson goes by RobertPattinson on WeeWorld.

Does Kristen Stewart have a WeeWorld account?

Kristen Stewart goes by KristenStewart on WeeWorld.

Does Hilary Duff have a WeeWorld account?


How do you get a weeworld account?

Go to weeworld and click on the BIG red botton that says "Sign up!"

How do you create a WeeWorld account?

Go online

How do you delete all your friends on WeeWorld?

Just tell them you hate them and they will do it for you !! haha lol