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2012-07-27 19:25:08
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Q: How do you delete community page in Facebook?
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How do you delete a Facebook page?

To delete your Facebook page choose edit page from the top of your page. Next choose edit setting and finally choose delete page.

How can you delete community page created by others?

You cannot delete community page which are created by others. If the community page is harming you or the society you can report the page as scam. Yeh its true that you can't delete community page which are created by others.

How do you delete pages from facebook?

edit page > manage permissions > delete page

How do you delete a page on your Friends on Facebook?

click delete i think

How do you unshare my video in Facebook?

To unshare your video on Facebook, you should go to your Facebook page. From there, go to the post you want to delete, and delete it, or unshare it. This will remove it from your page.

How do you delete a page that you have made on facebook?

I THINK you can go to edit page and there is a link that leads you to delete it

How can you close a Facebook page?

I wan to permantely delete my facebook page to depression with toothface people

How do you delete Facebook pages?

go to edit page, then permissions and there's a link named Delete page!

Can you completely remove Facebook page?

Yes you can completely delete your Facebook page via Facebook page manager. You just have to leave the reason of deactivating you page.

How do delete a Facebook interest page?

u dont:)

How do you delete someones post on Facebook on their page?

you dont.

Can you delete your facebook page and keep your fan page?

You can do this if your fan page has 2 or more admins. But if you own a page solely you can delete your facebook account together with the fan page. So, make sure to have another admin before deleting your personal facebook account.

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