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u cant i tried and if it is not loading hold the sleep and home button the turn it off this will reset ur iPod the plug it in for a while then try again. hope i helped :)

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Q: How do you delete an app from the IPod touch if it is not loading?
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How do you delete waiting ipod touch apps?

You need to go into a wifi area and then it will stop waiting and start loading. Then you have the app you purchased and may delete it if you want.

How do you delete an app that is loading off of your ipod touch?

Sadly, you cannot. Once you start the download, you must continue until it is finished. You have to wait for it to finish downloading to delete it.

If you delete a app and a iPod touch do you get the money back?


Is it possible to delete an app on your ipod touch as it is downloading?

You cannot delete an app as it is downloading. You have to wait for it to finish downloading, and then you can delete it.

What do you do when an app freezes on your iPod touch?

delete and re download... that's what i do

How do you delete an app that is only half loaded on an Ipod touch?

You can't

If you delete an app on an ipod touch do you get all the memory back from that app?

yes you can get the memory back

Can you delete the photo app on ipod touch?

you cant delete any of the factory installed apps

How do you delete Stocks app on ipod touch?

If your iPod Touch / iPhone is not jailbroken, it is impossible to remove the stocks app. If your iPod Touch / iPhone is jailbroken, you can use a program such as iFunBox or iPhoneBrowser to delete the Applications/Stocks.App folder. Restart your device and the Stocks app should be history. Be warned though, if you do delete the Stocks app, you could potentially mess up your device to the point where you have to restore it.

How do you permanently delete games on iPod touch?

touch the app for 3 seconds and it will start shaking

What do you do when your facebook goes grey on an iPod touch?

delete the app and download it again

What do you do if you download an app on iPod touch but it does not work?

mmm you can try downloading the app again or simply delete it