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Simply go to your subscribers. Hover over the subscriber you wish to remove. You will see a remove button appear. Click this.

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Q: How do you delete a subscriber on YouTube?
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How do you delete a YouTube channel?

you have to delete your email account to delete your youtube channel. and you have to delete your youtube account too.

What is a friend compared to a subscriber on YouTube?

A friend on YouTube is someone you know. And a subscriber is someone who likes your content that you upload, and wants to be notified when you upload videos.

How do you use subscriber in a sentence?

Nigahiga from YouTube has a lot of subscribers. When I started to post original songs of mine on YouTube, I gained a subscriber 30 minutes after I posted it.

Can you delete a YouTube group that you have made?

can you delete a youtube group that you have made?no: when you make it you cannot delete the group.when you made it,that means that you commit to that group.~creator of YOUtube!

Answer when you delete your YouTube account can YouTube delete your playlists if so when will they delete them?

When you delete your account, it deletes all of your videos. Therefore, your playlists are deleted, too.

Can you delete other person's video?

No. Only the uploader or the Youtube service can delete a Youtube video.

Are parents able to look at your iPods YouTube history after you delete it?

If you delete the YouTube history, your parents cannot see what you viewed on YouTube.

Cancel YouTube account?

A YouTube account is now synced to a person's Google account. The only way to delete the YouTube account is to also delete the Google account.

Delete all YouTube?


When you die does you MySpace automatically delete itself?

No. There is no way that MySpace could automatically know that a subscriber has died.

Can you delete a YouTube account?

Yes, you can delete a YouTube account. Just log in on YouTube, and go to . Click on Manage My Account on the left, and then click on the Delete account link on the bottom. You will have to provide your password and say why you deleted it.

Do hi have to go to my computer to delete video on youtube?

You do not have to use your own computer to delete a video on YouTube. However, you must be able to login to your YouTube account to delete the video. The computer you use doesn't matter as you can login to YouTube anywhere it's not blocked and where there's internet connection and a device with internet.