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use her apperance such as;colour,height,beauty,etc

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Q: How do you crack a nice joke on a girl?
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What do a joke a safe and a whip have in common?

You can crack a joke, crack a safe and crack a whip.

What is cracking jokes?

To crack a joke is to tell a joke.

What is the most funniest crack joke ever?

1: Knock Knock. 2:Who's there. 1:Crack 2: Crack who? 1: It wasn't a joke. Crack isn't funny - the end.

It can be cracked it can be made it can be told it can be played what is it?

a joke a joke can be cracked a joke can be made a joke can be told a joke can be played

How do you impress a girl who use to like you?

make her laugh and smile, talk to her, crack jokes, be nice, ask her out.

How do you make a shy girl smile?

Make her feel comfortable around you, say hi, talk to her, then crack a funny joke! if you try this you will have her heart.

What is a joke for hydrocarbon?

What happens when you add crack with hydrocarbons They break down

Who to impress a girl if she likes you?

Do you mean "how to impress a girl if she likes you?" Be friendly, ask questions. Get to know her. Tell her what you like about her. Ask her out. Pick her up, open her door and take her to dinner and movie. Tell her, how much fun you had even if you didnt. And just be a nice guy!! Dont say anything about sex, Turn off. Or how big her boobs are. Etc! Listen to her! And crack a joke and smile!

Why shouldn't you tell an Easter Egg a joke?

The ice might crack up

What does it mean to Make a crack at somebody?

To make fun of someone by using a joke.

When is karnataka iti 2009 results?

nice joke...................

Who would win Mr Coconut or Terminator?

terminator is going to make him crack. with a joke get it?