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Facebook settings, then click privacy and you can go on from there.

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Q: How do you control who sees what people post on my wall on facebook?
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Can you see who sees your profile?

On facebook

Can you see if someone has visited your Facebook page?

According to the Facebook Help Center, Facebook does not provide a functionality that enables its users to track who is viewing their profile, or parts of their profile (such as photos), and third party applications are not allowed to provide this functionality without risking removal by Facebook.Other answers:There is no possible way of checking to see who looked at your Facebook profile. Trust me I know, I work on websites and there isn't a way to check where someone goes on a website.I am not sure who might be viewing your Facebook page. I am pretty sure that friends and family views your Facebook page quite a bit.You Choose Anyone in the world can view your Facebook profile, but you control how much information they can see. You can use your settings to allow only your friends, friends of friends or everyone to view your information. The settings for privacy which you use to control who sees your information are in your Privacy Settings. You can also block people, which means that they will not be able to view your profile at all. Blocked people are redirected to an error page.Depending on your settings anyone can, but you can change that. You can change your privacy settings to private, Friends of friends and things like that.

How would one share a video on Facebook?

Sharing videos on Facebook is quite easy. If one sees a video that someone else has posted on their timeline, all they have to do is click the share button and it will be then shared on their own timeline. A video taken from an iPhone can be shared by opening the video and then clicking on the share icon. One will then have the option to share it directly to Facebook.

Are there any other free photo sites like IMGSRC?

Many people use IMGSRC to share their photos. However, this website can see abuse. Safer sites to share your photos might include Facebook and Instagram. This way, you can pick and choose who sees your photos with the privacy features and settings.

On Facebook how can you make it so only your friends can see your Facebook?

When you log on to your account, you can go to your profile page, and in on the top right hand corner, there should be an "account settings" or settings option you can click on, and a drop down menu comes up. When that happens, you can go to "Privacy settings" and it will redirect you to a page where you can pick who sees what on your page.

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Can a person restrict who sees their Facebook wall?

of course..just go to privacy and change your privacy setting. You can select who sees what you post (friends, friends of friends, everyone).

Can you see who sees your profile?

On facebook

Is Facebook a blog?

Yes it is a type of blog you go on and put up what you feel like saying and your friends can see it. However you can block who sees your post.

Is it safe to put all you information on Facebook?

Only put information on Facebook if you use privacy settings. It will limit who sees your information to people who are not your friends.

The positive of Facebook?

it is all positive you talk to friends meet new people and you decide who is your friend and who sees your info

Can you tell who sees your Facebook photos?

No, you cannot tell who sees your Facebook photos, unless someone clicks the Like button or makes a comment on them. Facebook privacy laws forbid such information being available.

How can you convince your parents to let you have a Facebook and they are very hard to convince?

Sit them down and show them Facebook. Explain that you can choose who sees the information you post, and you can choose what information to post - that these days, you can sign up with an alias or nickname. And if all else fails, tell them they can sign up as well and be your 'friend'. Good luck!

How do you secure you Facebook?

Click on the down arrow to the right of where it says "Home" in the upper right hand corner. Select "Privacy Settings" and you will be able to control who sees your facebook profile. To change passwords, secect "Account Settings" and "Edit Password"

Can i choose who sees i am logged into Facebook?

no but you can make it seem as though you are not logged on to facebook by clicking "i am not online" on the bottom of the screen.

Do you say people see or sees?

You say people see. You use sees when the subject is singular (one) eg He sees She sees The doctor sees

Is facebook more dangerous than MSN?

I think that Facebook and MSN are the same but Facebook has millions of people who has joined to so ... it would be much more funner on Facebook. Also, on Facebook you can put a lot more of information about yourself that everyone can see so it is dangerous if you don't pay very good attention to what you put on your wall and who sees it.

What does it mean when someone says message me on facebook?

it means to send a private message on facebook between you and the other person so not everybody sees it.

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