Can you see who sees your profile?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On facebook

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Q: Can you see who sees your profile?
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Can people on twitter that you follow see your posts even if they dont follow you?

They won't see your tweets on their timeline but if they click on your profile they will see them. They will also see your tweets that they're mentioned in, in their @replies.If your profile is private then they won't be able to see your tweets even if they click on your profile as you have control over who sees them.

What does a Facebook profile have?

A facebook profile has everything there is to know about you. You have the option to choose who sees your profile. Your profile contains things like your favorite books, movies, sports teams. Your profile can contain pictures if you download them. Your profile tells you how many friends you have and who they are.

What Is homonym for sees and sees?


Can you see how someone sees your Facebook profile?

Go to the top right of the page Settings.Then scroll down the page to where it says Privacy: next to it click on the word Manage.Then click on Profile Information.Then click on Preview my Profile. (top right)Then where it says Preview how your profile appears to a specific person, just fill in the name of the person who you want to check.

Is it correct to say He SEES or HE see?

He sees :)

How can i see someone's Facebook profile when they've blocked me?

If they blocked you you cannot see their profile. The only way you can see someone's profile is if your their friend on Facebook.

How do you see others profile on zwinkyy?

If you want to see somebody elses profile you have to click on their avatar and click on 'view profile'

Can you see who viewed your Skype profile?

No, you cannot see when someone has viewed your Skype profile.

How do you unlock your friendster profile?

how to see a private profile friendster

What is orkut profile url?

The orkut profile URL is the link that leads to your profile. Click at "profile" at the sidebar to see that link.

How do you see who saw your HI5 profile?

You should have profile view on the left panel of your profile, just below picture. Click on it and you should see who viewed.

Who is viewing my Facebook profile?

There is no tracking program or application for Facebook to see who visits your profile.